Damp Fabriek black Justfog P16A Starter Kit

Justfog P16A Starter Kit

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Justfog P16A Starter Kit


JUSTFOG has revised their best selling products, P16 Kit in order to meet the standards of EU TPD. And as a result of it, P16A is launched. JUSTFOG P16A Kit is 100% EU TPD, and contains most of features of Q16 such as smart battery functions, constant voltage. JUSTFOG prioritized the Easy&Safe use as their No.1 concern as they always have been, and as a result of their efforts, the P16A is made lighter and smaller. What's more, its variable voltage will allow you to experience vaping as your preference.

Main Feature:

1. Childproof opening system
2. Easy body-spinning airflow control
3. Built-in anti-spit back protection
4. Perfect vaporization of high nicotine liquid
5. Constant output at the selected voltage
6. Easy charge via USB cable

Brand: Justfog
Product Type: Starter Kit
Product Appearance:
Color:           Black, Blue, Green, Red
Body Material:  Rubber Coated, PC Tube from Bayer Germany
Physical Parameter:
Kit Size:          23 * 17 * 126 mm
Battery Capacity: 900mah
Voltage:        3.4-4.2V (3 levels)
Connection Threading: 510
Operation Guide:
Airflow Adjustable:Bottom
Fill Liquid:Top
With Cell:Lithium 900mAh Built in
Packing list:

1 x P16A Clearomizer
1 x J-Easy 3 Battery
1 x Coil Cylinder(placed inside the clearomizer)
1 x User Manual

Please read the user manual carefully before using this device. 
Please note that we can not ship this product to France, Netherlands, Belgium and Korea, due to exclusive dealership in this four countries. Sorry!